I’ve been in business for almost 20 years, and during that time I’ve subscribed to all kinds of newsletters from life and business coaches, money people, tech gurus, and the like. I watched their shiny videos that were so engaging and touched upon a part of me that wanted so much more for myself and my business. They touched a part of me that yearns to BE someone, to make more $$$ and to be successful (and not even questioning what my own definition of success was).

Not surprisingly, my inbox was jam-packed with these newsletters, most of which I now delete without taking a look at them. It takes a lot of time to read all of them, which I normally don’t have. I know you can relate!

I also realize that I’m at a different place than I was years ago, when I was eager to learn, learn, learn about anything that I could to help me get my business going. I grabbed anyone who sounded like they could help me, hoping (unconsciously) that I could ride along with them to get the measure of success that they were getting.

I’ve spent this week unsubscribing from many of the newsletters. They just don’t fit me any more. I’ve outgrown them.

There’s no substitute for my own inner knowing.

This reminds me of when I began to eat a more healthy diet. I cleansed my refrigerator of just about everything. As I learn better food to eat, that gets put back in.




And yes, I have purchased some pricey courses where I’ve learned quite a bit, but some were never finished and the guilt set in.