I don’t know what I’m doing.
I’m not good enough.
I’ll never ever have clients again.

(and the creme de la creme)
I’ll end up working at McDonald’s flipping burgers, or even worse,
cleaning bathrooms and get paid very little so I’ll end up
losing my house and have to sleep on the street…

mcdonalds-1If you’ve been in business for yourself for more than a minute, I’ll bet that thoughts like these run through your head every once in a while. I can be going gangbusters for months doing great websites for wonderful clients, then a day or two will happen where it seems to dry up. Then these thoughts start slowly at first, then increasing by the minute until the volume in my head is at a steady roar and any rational thoughts can’t find their way in.

Why do we do this to ourselves???

I remember those early days of starting my business where my fears were at a frenetic pace, and I was certain that not a single person would want my services. Those years were difficult, and I go back to that place emotionally when I perceive business drying up now.

I’ve seen very successful people fall back into this thinking, too. Learning how to not stay there for a long period of time is key.

So I’m still learning as I know you are, too.

Luckily, there are a zillion ways to help us move forward! Try some of these:

Listen to Music
I know you’ve got a playlist somewhere that you just love. Show tunes, hard rock or classical… grab whatever inspires you and gets some great feelings going. Right now I’ve got Karen Drucker jamming. I start my day with love, I’m choosing love, love, love…  All is well, I have faith, just do it…

Go to Lunch
I’m sure that you know someone in your networking circle who has been in business for a while (I don’t recommend finding someone who is relatively new). Ask them to lunch and talk about what’s going on. My guess is that they’ve been where you are right now. Just talking it out can squash a lot of fear and doubt, and I’ll bet you’ll walk away with some new ideas and a fresh spirit.

Write it Out
I do a lot of journaling in my personal life, but just yesterday I grabbed a fresh notebook for doing some business journaling. I write out my fears of getting new clients, of not feeling good enough, and anxiety about growing and evolving in my business. I write out ideas for new projects and workshops that come. I am almost always surprised at what I have written! Often there is a good deal of wisdom I didn’t know I had on those pages.

I’ve learned that business ebbs and flows. During the slow times, that’s when I get to organize my office and put new systems into place. I listen to a lot of free webinars about how to post on Facebook, attract new clients, and just plain old self-improvement. My brain needs some time to rest from being constantly busy.

Remember your Worth
Write down a list of at least 25 things (c’mon, I know you can do more!) that you do well in your business. I know that I’m incredibly hard on myself and forget all the experience and knowledge that I’ve gained over the years. Asking a friend to help you remember these things is really helpful as well.

I hope these ideas have helped you put that swing back into your step! (Just writing this has helped me.)

I would love to hear your favorite ways to get back on course when fear and doubt work their way in.