spockI love Star Trek, and Mr. Spock was always a favorite. He said

Resistance is Futile.

I encounter Resistance a lot in myself, especially when I’m trying to do something new in my business. It comes to me as a kind of pressure on my chest, almost a physical sensation… it feels like a big Universal Hand is extended toward me holding me back. I flail and get angry but like Spock said, it’s futile. Or is it?…

Struggling against that Hand doesn’t seem the brightest thing to do, but I will offer up to you that it does serve a purpose. If we didn’t feel that Hand of Resistance, then we wouldn’t know that we’re stretching ourselves past our limitations. We wouldn’t have a good barometer of what our Safe Zone is. And I’m all up for knowing where I stand with myself…

Here’s a plan that I use with myself when I encounter Resistance.
1. I get to a quiet place, close my eyes, and basically chill out.

2. I ask that my Resistance appear to me in whatever form it will take (might be a ball of  energy or a rock in a cave… whatever appears is right for you)

3. I ask it questions like:
– Why are you here?
– What am I afraid of?
– What do you block me from seeing?
– Why did I create you?

4. Once I’m satisfied with the answers, I then envision it slowly dissolving out into the Universe. I thank it for the purpose that it served in my life, and let it know that I’m ready to move on. Then I slowly come back and open my eyes.

You may want to draw a picture of what the Resistance looks like. Be detailed. Write little bubbles about what it says. And getting that journal out is a great idea, too.

Resistance is futile only when we don’t take the time to learn from it, to move from the stuck place into the new space of possibility and hope for ourselves and our businesses.

So I have a new saying:

Resistance is Great!
(as long as you don’t stay stuck there)