beachBeing on the beach… sitting in the breeze… opening the laptop and doing some work here and there…

Ahhhh… sounds like the life, doesn’t it?

One of the best things about working for myself is that it’s easy to have location independence. I’m able to visit friends and go on trips and still have access to all of my work information, and internet access is just about everywhere. Even if I’m just working on my patio (with a glass of wine, of course), I have everything I need to get all of my work done.

Here are a few tips that helped me liberate myself from my desk:

Get rid of the paper.
I’ve been trying my best to get away from anything paper in the office. I’m not quite there yet, but I know a lot of people that scan practically everything and store it digitally. Client forms, receipts, meeting notes, etc. all can be scanned and the paper copy recycled. A lot of us are paying our bills online and don’t even get one in the mail any more, so there’s less clutter to begin with, and that’s always good.

Note to Self: backup, Backup, BACKUP!!! Your computer can crash, it can be stolen at an airport or accidentally end up overboard on your cruise to the Bahamas.

I hardly need to actually meet clients any more! There’s a downside to that because most of my clients are oh-so-lovely, but unless they want to come meet me on a mountain in Montana or at a Florida beach, we have to find another way. I often use Zoom to have face-to-face meetings and to screenshare, and it works beautifully.

My location independence has had a very positive side for me! I’m much more on-point with client appointments and my schedule, and I am honoring myself more. If I have a 3pm client talk scheduled, I need them to be there at that time. (Yes, I do wait until about 10 minutes because I know things happen.) If I have a 4pm dogsledding adventure, I need to have that call completed on time! I feel more control and more professional when I respect myself like this.

I’ve noticed that I am much more creative when I’m away from my desk. New ideas sprout when I can close my eyes and let the sea air waft away those cobwebs. (However, sand in your keyboard is NOT fun to get out.)

So enjoy being independent of your desk! Even if you work on your patio or at the nearby park while the dog plays, it’s a beautiful thing to be where you want, when you want.

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