Naturally, I’m a *huge* fan of a clean, easy-to-navigate website that highlights who you are and invites in those clients willing to pay you what you’re worth. Your site is the Hub of all that you do business-wise.

However, there are issues that even a fantastic website can’t solve. Here’s one of them:

You Don’t Know Your Worth.

freedomeNow I’m not talking necessarily about pricing your products and services where they should be, but that is included as well.

If you are not BEING the Expert-of-What-You-Know, the Queen of Life Coaching, King of Nutrition or whatever, then a great site can’t “sell” for you. Yes, you may get some great hits, but if your clients are feeling the energy of low self-worth or doubt from you, it won’t last for long.

It’s an inside job (I know you know this, but I had to repeat it). So do whatever it takes to get inside of you and tame those little devils that keep popping up and tell you you’re not worth it. Go to therapy, read self-help books, journal out those feelings (my fave), and begin to understand how worthy you are. Then you’ll see how unique your products/services are, and when you believe in them, clients will believe in you.

Sounds simple, right? I’ve doubted myself a lot and felt not good enough way too long. When I got so SICK of that, when I decided I had had ENOUGH, (and not coincidentally got some therapy), I entered the arena of an Expert. I had already lived there a good long time, but hadn’t claimed it.

An Expert feels so different than a Doubting Donna. Your head goes up, shoulders back, and you own wherever you are. It doesn’t mean that you know everything about coaching or nutrition, but it does mean that you have the ability to find the intelligent answers to questions that people have. It’s a RELIEF to get there!!

So c’mon, folks… it’s time. Shine that Light of Expertise!

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