aka 3 Website Design Mistakes that Make Me Crazy

I want you to have a great website to attract awesome clients! Here are 3 common mistakes that are made on websites:

1. Poor Navigation
Have you ever gone to a website to look for some information and gotten lost? It’s so frustrating and time-consuming! Unless it’s really important to me, I’ve often left the site and gone elsewhere for the information.

Keep your navigation as simple as possible.
Don’t make me work too hard!

Having multiple dropdown menus can be confusing unless they are planned really well. Often, information can be combined on pages eliminating the need for a lot of them.

If you do have a lot of information, consider having 2 menus on your site. The primary menu could have the main pages on it, like Services, About, Contact, etc. A secondary (and probably smaller) menu could have less critical information on it, like your sitemap, disclaimer, etc.

2. Auto-Play Sound or Video
Unless you’re Aerosmith or Billy Joel, having your audio or video playing automatically is annoying to a lot of people. I was recently on a site where a video started playing, and I couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from! I had to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to turn it off. To make it worse, each time I came back to the home page, it started playing again!

Take off auto-play and let us have a choice of when
we want to listen to you. We’ll love you for it!

Caveat: I see a lot of sales pages that have videos start automatically (where they’re asking you to sign up for their list). I usually am less annoyed at this because I expect it, but the rule of thumb should be what you believe your ideal clients would like to experience.

3. Typos
Nothing says “unprofessional” like typos on your website. I’m a word-nerd so my judgment of that company falters when I see those glaring mistakes actually jump out at me.

If you’re not good at words, that’s ok. Have a friend, or better yet, a writing pro, do a once-over on each page of your site. You’ll make more friends that way.

Stay tuned for the next set of Website Mistake-o-ramas coming to you soon!