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What we do

Web Design

Beautiful, innovate designs that will get your business noticed.

Website Maintenance

Do you already have a website but need a one-time review or a monthly plan? I’ve got you covered!

Online Store

If you’re ready to begin selling your products online, let’s get your store up and running in a jiffy!

Wordpress Training

If you need to learn WordPress, I teach one-on-one or in groups. Learn how to run your own website!!

Graphic Design

If you need business cards, menus, brochures and any other print items, you’ve come to the right place! With over 25 years in the print world, I’ll get you a design that you love!


Your logo is your own personal mark that tells the world who you are. Don’t underestimate its power! I’ll take you through the process of defining your business and design you a logo that’s perfect for you.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Why we are different

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Our Latest Work

From Our Clients

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Karen’s innate ability to seize your design needs is fantastic! A pleasure to work with, I highly ­recommend her services to those who seek insightful and creative work.
–Michelle Dubreuil Macek, Biodanza East Coast USA

Karen is an excellent web designer! She can take your business information and ideas and turn it into the perfect eye-catching website. She knows what works and what doesn’t and she will helpfully offer you suggestions to make sure your new site stands out among the rest. If you want to update your existing website, Karen’s extensive web design experience will ensure your new site looks fresh and inviting. I highly recommend her.
– Dan Frost, Owner, Pastrami Swami

Karen Brand made my life so much easier when she took over the KarmaFest website. Her changes are instantaneous – I never have to worry “when” things will be updated on the site – and everything looks so good and flows so easily. She is a professional and very reasonable in cost.
– Patti Hawse, Soul Purpose Productions | Karmafest

I love working with Karen Brand.  She is professional and talented.  She gets the job done in a timely manner and it always looks great!
– Kathryn Yarborough, Business Coach

Working with Karen has given me a sense of calm and excitement, freeing me up to focus on what I need to focus on.  Her creativity and clear insight is refreshing and professional.  The artistic creations are innovative and timely.  I have gotten tremendous positive feedback from clients and colleagues on the graphics she has created for me!  A joy to work with!
– Rebecca Matias, Business Coach

I work with Karen for my own graphic design needs and feel comfortable recommending Karen to my clients. She is professional, reliable, and many times super FAST. Our clients receive amazing support when the two of us work together. She provides quality websites and graphic design! I am grateful for her integrity, pricing, and collaboration skills ~ with a pinch of humor thrown in for good measure.
– Amber Scott, Tru U Voice

I found Karen to be a warm, insightful, and artistic web designer. She has the ability to snythesize then translate your calling into a strong marketing tool, called your website. She is very responsive to your needs — even during a hurricane.
– Jeannie Dougherty, MAPC, LCPC, J. Dougherty Counseling & Associates

Thanks again for all of your help, patience, wisdom, laughter and allowing this to unfold in a way that it ultimately reflected me.  It was such a joy working with you! I intend to recommend you to others when the opportunity arises and have already bragged about you to my business support group.
– Lorraine Johnson, Lorraine Johnson Life Coaching

Karen has been maintaining and expanding upon my website for the past couple of years and I couldn’t be happier with her work. The timeliness of her response to my ­requests, along with her own creative expression has generated lots of compliments, as well as clients and students. Karen has a natural flair for beauty and this is expressed in all her work from my website to marketing materials. She is a joy to work with and I recommend her.
– Tracy M. Houchins, Owner, Teacher & Practitioner, Sacred Healing Hands Wellness Studio

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